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[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] Faced with the world's largest sports - football market cake, the business has always been a "smoke." However, in marketing, described the cat has Catwalk, dogs have dog track, big businesses spend lots of money to be a sponsor, the brand image to benefit a lot; small businesses are playing the edge ball, dip popularity, sales of big profits. resistant adidas heavily sponsored by the European Cup big profits and sales Adidas and Nike, are a pair of lovers on the pitch. Determined fans found in the current European Cup group stage has ended the game, basically wearing Adidas team wins more, of course, wearing a Nike team to be outdone, its sponsorship of the Croatian team to 3: 1 victory over Ireland , the "front of God" in the opening 157 seconds ????????? goal to become the fourth successive European Cup goals faster. "The European Cup is behind Nike and Adidas and other well-known game companies, such as TV series." The IOC former China chief representative Li said in an interview with reporters. As a FIFA official sponsor, Adidas occupy the inherent advantages, not only frequently appeared on the televised game site advertising booth, and its sponsorship of Spain, Ukraine, Denmark, Germany, Greece and Russia ar Cheap jordans online e six more favorites to win the team. Of course, Nike did not back down, not only invested heavily in shooting contracted more than 20 world-class football and basketball star buildup commercials, running to the media a prime location in a number of countries, one of the highest buildings in Warsaw Orco the tower, hanging out of three pieces of great visual impact of the huge portrait of the Polish players. And five countries under its auspices - Croatia, France, the Netherlands, Poland and Portugal, where the strength is not, at the same time, Nike's Umbro (Umbro) brand is brought to England, Sweden and Ireland. The European Cup competition two giants has grown to occupy each other nest, Nike is trying to reach the "Adidas" home - Germany (first Adidas last invasion "Nike" lair NBA, became the sponsor). (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)GT-Quick Asics in the second half of the moment, it has received a lot of attention and praise shoes enthusiasts, this time has brought a new brown / gray / green color. Suede and fabrics composed of uppers, respectively to brown, navy blue and gray and other colors to create, mix of green inside contrast, retro and deep meaning. Currently Titolo offer 133 euros. GT-QuickAsi jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black csnumber: H532L-9916price: 133 euros immediately download and install the artifact to grab a shoe artifact APP-- when the guest artifact!! WeChat search "dunkhome", open the WeChat service number to the lower right corner can be downloaded and installed!! When passengers identified fiery line, to support the fight against fake ma!! source: Titoloday before us pop singer Chris; Brown in the personal social media accounts Instagram drying out of a recently released Colette x ASICS Gel-Lyte; III shoes photos, and look forward to their will and ASICS in the bottom note; cooperation. Created by Japanese Mr. Onizuka Yayoshiro's shoes sports brand ASICS, recently with a number of shop including KITH, Overkill, Concepts etc., to carry out joint projects, last month to celebrate its shoes GEL-Lyte III born 25th anniversary special work & nbsp; VILLA and rapper Wale to create a special edition double name "Bottle Rocket", the Chris Brown and the cooperation is undoubtedly much attention. Bata Tennis introduced a series of commemorative shoes for the celebration of Peanuts 65th anniversary. The design is simple and lively, and it directly loads Peanuts cartoons on Bata Tennis pure white uppers. Comic characters, Charlie, Brown and Snoopy, the image of a Cheap air jordans for sale tennis ball. There are also two other images of Lucy and Woodstock designed to choose from. The series will be on sale in Paris, Colette, Milan, 10 Corso, Como, Tokyo, Isetan this month.[Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] November 7, 2012, by the Chinese Football Association and Nike Sports (China) Co., Ltd. organized the "2012 Nike & middot; Super All-Star righteous Competition" in Guangzhou Tianhe Stadium, I'll deputy The Secretary-General Li Xikui, Chinese Football Association vice chairman vide, Xue Li, Yuhong Chen, Lin Xiaohua, Nike Sports (China) Co., Ltd. Sports Marketing Director Yan Yi, senior manager of marketing Zhang Jinsong and other leaders and guests attended the event, and is winning Team award. Deputy Secretary-General I would Lixi Kui (right) on behalf of the meaning of race I will accept donations game scene current AEC Guangdong constant brigade against the All-Star team, after a fierce competition, the final All-Star team to a 1-0 victory over Guangzhou Heng brigade, won the championship. On the meaning of race awards ceremony, held on the 8th, the Football Association vice chairman of China Xue Li and Nike Sports (China) Co., Ltd. Marketing Director Sports Yan Yi Yi on behalf of the All-Star game this year I will donate to 800,00 jordan shoes online sale 0 yuan. Li Xikui Deputy Secretary-General will accept donations on behalf of my brand to the Chinese Football Association, Nike Sports (China) Co., Ltd. awarded honorary certificates. The meaning of race entirely by donations Nike Sports (China) Co., Ltd., to support youth football career I will. "Nike & middot; Super All-Star game righteousness" Since its launch in 2006, has gone through six years of history. All-Star Game that all money raised will be used to support me in the Midwest, ethnic minority areas to carry out public welfare, in particular the implementation of financial aid to poor students, support the development of youth football Midwest, earthquake reconstruction School Sports facilities, to carry out cross-strait teen cum Hong Kong and Macao and other public welfare activities Cup. The money raised meaning of race has been very good use, public activities implemented and achieved good social effects. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)raptors in battle, Jordan Brand recently for the vast number of shoes, close to the brand new Jordan Melo series shoes, raptors color match. This series includes Jordan Melo 1.5 and Melo M10 two pairs of shoes. Leather shoes made of Nubuck suede and leather are ve jordans on sale mens ry textured, of which the Melo M10 upper is made of great reflective material. Like friends, may wish to pay attention to. 1 2 ; next page , next page, next page, add four-color / Jordan Future, new four-color, next page review #Mark McNairy # brings this pair of shoes; and both cater to the climate of the Black Leather & has always been the gentleman style popular American designer Mark McNairy Mark McNairy New Amsterdam personal fashion brand recently for winter 2013 quarter; Suede Crazy C Brogue Boots. Starting from the outline of the classic high leather boots, leather and suede stitching quality with black lines particles and Matt two constitute the texture of the shoe body, with exquisite carving, silver lace holes, two tone laces and heel pull as standard details, Goodyear technique is adopted to shoe body and rough outsole together show. #atmos Timberland#, atmos, x, Timberland, 6, Boot, joint boots, Converse 2013, Holiday, Jack, Purcell, CVO, Wash, &, LTT, Camo, Print, shoes comments on last article: #atmos Timberland# atmos x Timberland 6 Boot Print joint boots next article: Converse 2013, Holiday, Jack, Purcell, CVO, Wash, &, LTT, Camo, shoesIt is reported that in 1993 the birth of black and white color Air Jordan 9 will once again return to the shelves, this section from the last engraved sale has been separated for five years, he must seize the many shoes to make up for the chance. This minimalist black and white color, complemented by red dotted details, the first year of re interpretation of immortal charm. release date: NovemberPrice: air-jordan-9-white-black-red-2016-1.jpg (33.17 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan the first year of the 9 OG color 2016-2-18 10:03 upload air-jordan-9-white-black-red-2016.jpg (42.86 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan the first year of the 9 OG color 2016-2-18 10:03 upload air-jordan-9-white-black-red-2016-2.jpg (31.61 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan the first year of the 9 OG color 2016-2-18 10:03 upload air-jordan-9-white-black-red-2016-3.jpg (33.57 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan the first year of the 9 OG color 2016-2-18 10:03 Jordan upload, classic, Black, simple, baby 00Personal contributions unchanged, enjoy social security benefits unchanged under the premise, in 2009, Dongguan enterprises can reduce social security payment burden 475 million yuan! 26, Dongguan City Social Security Bureau and other 4 departments jointly issued a notice, "I play social insurance functions to support the development of enterprises to actively respond to the relevant issues of the international financial crisis" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), from March 1st to December 31st, helping to reduce local enterprises through the stages of corporate social insurance rate, allow enterprises holdover the social insurance premiums within a certain period of time to. in this regard, enterprises vary; there are welcome, and there is no matter. two; an extended director of Dongguan Social Security Bureau Liang Bing said that in the stage of lower corporate social security rates, unified various categories of work-related injury insurance rates down 20%, according to estimates, work-related injury insurance rate can be reduced the city's enterprises to reduce pay 67 million 290 thousand yuan; the basic medical insurance payment rate down 5% units of social unity, this can make the enterprise to reduce the payment of 83 million 920 thousand yuan; not to increase the payment, to expand the range of people to enjoy maternity insurance, in 2009 the city to reduce the birth insurance rate of 0.5% for the enterprise to reduce the payment of about 250 million yuan. Liang Bing said that these reduced costs plus tax rates, the introduction of the Dongguan corporate social security payment mitigation policy, this year, Dongguan enterprises can reduce social security payment burden 475 million yuan. an individual is not affected; Liang Bing said that this policy is to ensure the timely and full payment of social insurance, social insurance fund gap does not appear under the premise of the introduction, individual contributions unchanged, security level unchanged, and a substantial increase in health insurance benefits. The whole stage of Dongguan enterprises reduce the enterprise social security rates, at the same time for part of the difficulty of the enterprise can be postponed during the first half of the cost of social security, and will not affect the smooth operation of the Dongguan social security fund. it is learned that this is the international financial crisis after the introduction of the first enterprise in Guangdong province city social security payment assistance policy. The policy will officially enter the stage of operation in March 1st after the rate cut over social security applications simultaneously and difficult enterprise. Valid until December 31st of this year. accepts applications next week, according to the notice, "difficult"