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Download (79.63 KB) Download (62.25 KB) Download (84.73 KB) Download (60.39 KB)Nike Air Jordan Retro I recently launched intensive series, this series is not currently a style is not important, because it really caught the eyes of many consumers: canvas material, the only use of leather parts only on the Swoosh logo; in addition, ankle detachable ankle strap can be freely used, red shoelaces. number: 342132-461 Color: Midnight (51.03 KB) Red-Sail download Navy/Varsity Download (44.26 KB) Download (79.87 KB) 〈br 2009-5-19="" air="" jordan="" 1="" high="" strap="" -="" america="" color〈br="" 10:02〈br="" tjw3zCFs.jpg (176.59, KB) download times: 0 2009-5-19 10:02 2009-5-19 Air Jordan 1 High Strap - American color to commemorate the unfortunate death of McGarry Kelly last month, his lifetime friend, photographer Rayner Paul provides this precious image. In the film, Kelly side has a more is to steal the spotlight of the player to his dog Tui, the Whippet rapid flash across S-shaped, leaped over a splash of water stream, glued to chase behind Kelly. Even the dust and sand rolled down the steep slope, Tui still hesitate to close down with Kelly. It and Whippet: In Grip Memoriam of Kelly McGarryKelly and Tui give each other a happy time showing the film Kelly with his dog, tui to mountain biking, Kelly, on the mountain flowing water, effortless, tui nimble and tireless. We can also see, go to the wild gallop is a common hobby Sahuan both of them, they bring to each other to enjoy. Thank you Paul bring us this movie, let us recall at the same time in the legend of Kelly, also remember his happiness. "Kelly, shooting this film is a happy time to Tui and me. Althou Cheap foamposites for sale gh the Tui in the Kelly that it repeats the same section of the road is a little irritable. I am very pleased that the final version of the Kelly film also see blood boil. I hope that we can love." -Paul Raynerin 2013 Red Bull crashed into the mountain race, Kelly McGarry somersault leap 22 meters span of the canyon, Red Bull fall mountain race history rewriting! In February 2, 2016, the process of the respected legends in New Zealand Queenstown mountain Lane riding, died due to sudden heart arrest.Here is a look at a three pack of Nike Quickstrike Dunk Hi Vandal Premium shoes that are all inspired by another basketball sneaker from the same decade of origin, the Vandal, hence the name of the shoe. The three shoes of the pack use the same tonal nylon upper and come in either White, Red or, Black. All three shoes come with an additional pair of laces as well so you can at least make one part of the shoe a different color than the rest of it. While we ve already shown you the "Black pair, the White and Red pair are new to us and should be releasing along with the Black pair in a matter of days at your local Nike Sportswear retailer. via Kenlu More... 0006.jpg (30.08 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-11-30 00:17 upload 0007.jpg (23.99 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-11-30 00:17 upload 0008.jpg (22.56 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-11-30 upload 〉 00:170.jpg (158.91 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-2-1 12:16 upload for this week's official website visvim highlights of COCHISE BOOTS. 1.jpg (284.1 KB, download number: Retro jordans for sale 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-2-1 12:16 upload at that time in all walks of life to speculate on whether the sale of style, after half a year will appear in front of everyone's wallet. COCHISE BOOTS to use HORWEEN LEATHER produced horsehide factory, and beige suede version is used from the UK's top suede. Visvim high quality BOOTS most will be equipped with RIRI zipper from switzerland. From the VIBRAM shoes with rubber sole shoes; tube part joining the soft set can greatly improve the school, comfort, also make more close to the boots feet, played a role for protecting the ankle. 2.jpg (163.77 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-2-1 12:16 upload 3.jpg (203.24 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-2-1 12:16 upload 4.jpg (190.8 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-2-1 12:16 upload 5.jpg (192.61 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-2-1 12:16 upload 6.jpg (182.1 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-2-1 12:16 upload 7.jpg (summer 180.X Carhartt Air Jordan Eminem 4 to the average price of $22755 hey eBay to complete the auction, and as a spokesperson for Brand Drake Jordan natural treatment is not cheap. Yesterday at the home of the Toronto Raptors of warriors game, we see the sitting on the sidelines of the Drake. This pair can be described as astronomical Eminem x CARHARTT air jordan 4. But Drake's cheer and not for the Raptors to break the warriors start unbeaten record, and ultimately a warrior or to Ho to take 21 straight edged - 112-109 raptors. source: solecollector& nbsp; & nbsp Cheap jordans online ; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - News] Nike has announced fiscal 2011 fourth quarter results. In fiscal 2010, 37% of the global total of Nike shoes marked "Made in Vietnam" sign, and this fiscal year, marked "Made in China" only 34 percent of Nike sneakers. This is the history of Nike, the first occurrence of "Vietnam made" over the "Made in China", but also means that Vietnam has finally replace China as Nike, the world's largest production base of shoes. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; most frustrating reality --- & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; foundry Nike Vietnam's first super-China & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 1980, Nike began negotiations with China, decided to sports shoes production base from the time of South Korea, China Taiwan to the mainland of China. Soon, China became the largest producer of Nike sneakers, and continued until 2010. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in earlier fiscal years prior to 2001, China produced 40 percent of Nike sneakers, ranked first in all countries, and Vietnam account for only 13% of the share. But in fiscal 2006, Nike sports shoes China's share of output has fallen to 35 percent, while Vietnam is rapidly rising to 29%. Fiscal year 2009, China and Vietnam Nike sneakers yield equal proportion, it is also 36%. Until fiscal 2010, Vietnam has finally replace China as Nike, the world's largest production base of shoes. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2005, is Nike's foundry "escape" a critical year in Vietnam. In 2005, Nike's two largest foundry Taiwan's Pou and Winterthur have heard "Vietnam expansion" message. From the beginning of the year, Winterthur Group, China took many orders to Vietnam, while large-scale expansion in Vietnam four processing plant production line, but also to inve cheap foamposites st $ 16 million to build a new factory in Vietnam. Then, Pou Chen Group also launched a new program in Vietnam production line 15. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; for reasons "escape", when the argument is: & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the clearest trend --- & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; manufacturing to low-cost regions, "flee" & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp ; with Nike's "escape", the American Brown Shoe largest footwear trading company, one has chosen to stay. "As the Vietnamese workers strike at every turn, so we are still willing to place orders for Chinese foundries." & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike Factory "escape" absolutely representative, while not having , but truly, send a signal: "flee" is bound to become a trend. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike from 1964 in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan to China in the 1970s, to the mainland after China. In the 21st century, Vietnam has gradually become an important production base. Difficult to see from the history of Nike, make the transfer of production from high-cost areas to low-cost regions of action will not stop in China. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "In fact, the cost of production in Dongguan are rising rapidly, as required labor-intensive footwear industry, we have been unable to produce in Dongguan." The Dongguan the person in charge of footwear trading company, said, "At present, the next we will be in the order of some generation of high-end shoes in Wenzhou, Fujian or mainland factory, where not only the technology, raw materials, labor costs are relatively low, while the other some low-end orders for the next shoe to other Southeast Asian countries, such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Ethiopia and even farther, because there's a lower cost. In another year or two, and Cheap foamposites for sale so on the domestic cost rise further, while these technologies in other countries, after the raw materials supporting up, maybe even high-end shoe orders will have to walk out. " & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;" To tell the truth, in fact, as early as five Six years ago, the signs are already evident, "vice president of international trade Guangdong University of Foreign Xingjian straight Yi said:" crying wolf, "the voice, from 2008 began shouting. May 2008, Hong Kong tour 43 manufacturing companies completed the study in Vietnam, the purpose is to "explore the feasibility of the production lines to Vietnam, to alleviate the 'Pearl' production line cost pressures." & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "cheap labor is not the only factor," Yi Xingjian said, "To be precise, it should be factors of production, including labor costs, land rent, local policies, etc. etc., coupled with the impact of RMB appreciation in recent years, this kind of labor-intensive enterprises have chosen Vietnam is not a surprising thing. But, this 'shift' to accelerate the rate of. " & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the worst idea --- & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "domino effect" leading to shrinking manufacturing sector & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp ; "If we really want to see the worst aspects of this problem, that would be kind of a situation?", Lingnan College and taxation department, Professor Lin Jiang pointed out, first of excess production capacity. On the one hand, footwear manufacturing equipment has been useless, the equivalent upfront investment to naught, and even need people to clean these large garbage; on the other hand, terrible psychological impact --- dominoes have fallen - - Shoes "escape", and then with similar industries, such persons cl Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale othing, luggage and other industries began to worry about, there may be followed by a "flight", the rest of the companies are also not prefer stoppage took too more orders, affecting the ecology of the entire manufacturing sector, and because of the credit relationship, etc., will indirectly impact the financial system ...... & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "If we continue to assume it, so It is contemplated that, as a labor-intensive footwear industry, one of the leading industries, will be even with the hat luggage and other industries with similar impact, leading to shrinking manufacturing sector, the deterioration of the business environment in Guangdong, greatly reduced exports, GDP fell ...... "Lin Jiang, counting one by one, and then said:" If you really will happen, then it is indeed very worrying " & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The most in-depth thinking. --- & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; PRD can not always do the "world factory" & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; no "Nike", we can rely on. " Prada, "" Louis Vuitton "it? Lin Jiang, seemed less optimistic: "Superficially, now many luxury brand owners are OEM business in China, or concentrated in the Pearl River Delta, but think about it, it is not easy things " & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; According to the survey, he found that the price of luxury goods in general, three types:." Italian or European local production, selling the most expensive; then in South America products, price second; including China, Southeast Asia, products, selling the most expensive, "Lin Jiang, analysts pointed out," This shows what 'Made in China' is also faced with the problem of lower prices, "in other words, even for luxury?. do OEM, corporate profits are limited. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Cheap air jordans for sale in the "Thinking way out" on this one, it seems easy to Xingjian and Lin Jiang's views are very similar --- "Pearl River Delta can not always be 'world factory' . "Yi Xingjian more directly pointed out that" from the reform and opening up to now, we've gone through just rely on cheap labor to attract simple processing industry at this stage, and we can not always stop at this stage, the process may be painful But we need to rise to a new level which we adhere to the back of the main tone --- or rely on the transformation and upgrading " & nbsp;.. & nbsp; & nbsp; the most fundamental way --- & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; to producer services to fill the gaps & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "Nike" is gone, what means we fill? "Short period of time may be somewhat worried, but we have to move forward," Yi Xingjian pointed out that "labor-intensive industries to turn away, and to what means to fill it? Producer services. That is why we say 'smile Curve 'section. It can be said, to make shoes factory turn away, we can do the design of shoes, the brand's sales, etc., these producer services is not only green, create a lot of value. " & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "now the situation is not yet as to 'an atmosphere of Wind,' but we have to make good use of this time, to have a sense of crisis," Lin Jiang is recommended that, "In fact, Pearl River Delta manufacturing only two options: to continue to give others the processing, or created their own brand to their processing Among these are no shortcuts " & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; moving away from.". world factory ", the Pearl River Delta and even to adjust their roles image ---" I suggest the Pearl River Delta's manufacturing culture have changed, "Lin Jiang further pointed out," In the past, entrepreneurs always put their own corporate profits' pass eat ',' suffered ',' make full 'This is because companies only do domestic OEM But once, this cultural core must change: the entrepreneur to redistribute profits, to make the upper and lower house have money, to let to the workers. Only the masses have the money, only to pull the local brand of consumer fundamentally. "in the Supercolor series of great success, Pharrell, Williams and Supershell's return is more impressive. Superstar once again became the object of Pharrell's creative magic. He will rewrite the classic chapter of this classic shoe style with creative pioneers from around the world. The new "Sculpted" series will witness the New York modern artist Todd James, widely renowned Iraqi born British architect Zaha Hadid, the Japanese modern artist MR. in the shell on the head into their creative ideas to the one and only. "Sculpted" series will be the first public art masters paintings by 3D visual form in Superstar toe. Pharrell is through the personal design language, originality to create two new shoes. Supershell's "Sculpted" series will undoubtedly completely activate any artistic possibilities within Superstar and show unique thinking. recently, Highsnobiety once again teamed up to Data quest Inc from eBay; StockX, gather data, scheduled to bring a third quarter of 2016 (7.1-9.30) for our shoes sales price and a list of the top ten, what results? Let's have a look. can be seen in the most expensive shoes on the list, Adidas is definitely the biggest winner, won seven seats in the top ten list, which was limited to 200 double champion is NMD_R1 "Red Apple" won the market price has reached $1706, even Kanye Yeezy Boost 350 V2 is only half of it. And Adidas's biggest hero is the Philippines Dong, his "HU" NMD series, which has four color matching list. In addition to adidas shoes, Nike, New Balance, A BATHING APE also respectively have a pair of shoes on the list, respectively Air Jordan IV Retro Premium "Obsidian" Sneaker Freaker x New Balance, 997.5 "Tassie Tiger" and Ronnie Fieg x A BATHING APE Bapesta Fiegsta". in the list of sales, Nike has recovered some of the decline, there are six senior generals reached the top ten. Although there are Air, Jordan, I, "no wear" this potential player, but the list champion still can not contend for Adidas, was Kanye West's Yeezy Boost 350 V2 won. In addition, Yeezy 350 Cleat also appeared in the list of seventh place, let Xiao Bian very curious, really so many people playing football? throughout the entire list has been difficult to find, Adidas and Nike in the establishment of a potential field to shoes well two, but Adidas with Kanye West and Philippines Dong two slowly from Nike's hands grabbed the market, believe that in the next quarter, the competition will be more intense, in addition, it is only the foreign situation, the domestic situation, we believe that with the list. " 2008 Jordan XX3 launched in Air has a special significance, on the one hand marks 23rd anniversary, on the other hand also marks the end of the generation series. In the Air Jordan XX3 with Michael · Jordan's incomparable life honor and luxurious details, the configuration of the new shoes stitch sewing machine sewing three-dimensional embroidery vamp, full palm Zoom Air and full control I.P.S. system provides excellent shock absorber. The carbon fiber material of the shoe bone support plate increases the structure and support of the important part. TPU footbed with superior performance adds stability and support. So much high-tech use, but this weight is very light, only 15 ounces. But in the end of the thickness is one of the smallest basketball shoes (followed by 19mm, 9mm, the player's palm) and feel the foot as close as possible to the surface of the court. See here, we can not help but think, then AIR JORDAN XX3 prototype sample design will look like? This time we have to enjoy this classic shoe sample shoes, the sale of the Air Jordan XX3 version of Prototype and the whole contour is basically the same, but several key factors still appear out of the ordinary, the most important of which is a large area of suede material and diamond Torgovnik perforated suede uppers replaced the gorgeous embroidery, a the original molding of TPU was also present in black and white in the bottom to separate, lace holes design processes is also based on this section of the tongue on the leather heel protrusions commercially available version estimates that seemed so offbeat and creative. But the only possible change is the carbon fiber sole of the sole, with the full palm Zoom, Air, and all palm I.P.S. systems providing excellent wear and vibration resistance. 2012-6-20 09:20 upload and download attachments (129.67 KB) ; into the blue and red two classic colors in white tone Nike Cortez, think this color is very familiar? yes, it was in the movie Agam. and the launch, and the name "USA", to welcome the upcoming summer olympics. What do you think? NIKE CLASSIC CORTEZ LEATHER color: White / Navy Blue / red number: 749571-146